Incorporated in 1990 Servicing international US FDA approved API facilities since 1996. Well informed and prepared for client regulatory, systems and process requirements. Enabled over 50 successful audits at supplier facilities, with over 364 approved vendors and 652 approved and validated products. Over 25 years of experience in contract manufacturing of critical pharmaceutical intermediates.

Why Sirius

At Sirius Pharmaceuticals, we provide inputs in terms of product specifications, Route of Synthesis, Method of Analysis enabling a speedup of the product development process and more importantly securing a competitive price for the customers.

Our focus is customer centric and we are always thriving to get the best partner supplier for them. Criteria are timely supplies, the optimum balance between quality and price, SHE (Safety, Health, and Environment) to be followed by all our suppliers. We continue to hand hold and nurture the project till commercialization and thereafter. Manufacturers are regularly audited and facilities are inspected as well as their systems and documentation are reviewed.

Since all our customers are USFDA/EDQM approved facilities the importance of documentation and regulatory compliance by manufacturers is paramount. Constant follow-ups and updates are made to ensure timely and relevant compliance with customers and regulatory requirements.

Our model involves, intermediates and KSM, API development and manufacturing, impurity and product profiling, FDF development and manufacturing, process improvement and reengineering, custom synthesis tie-ups with our vast and strong network of approved manufacturers giving customer time bound results and precise updates throughout the course of development and scale up.

Our Strengths & Capabilities

Quick time to market

Volume deliveries .....on time

Production flexibility

Unique processes

Consistent and replicable quality